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What is FREE Unified Messaging?

Unified Messaging brings all your messages, voice, fax and email, together in one place - your email address.

Diverts live calls to a telephone near you.  Control which land line, mobile, email, address or fax number your personal phone number is diverted to from your web control panel.  Make changes instantly!

The service is free for life, try it and you'll be up and running in under five minutes.

You get:
  • two, free for life, 070x0 numbers, one for Voice and one for Fax
  • free live call divert to any UK landline or mobile
  • free voice and fax message forwarding to email
  • 070x0 can be dialled from outside the UK, unlike some 08xxx numbers
  • 070x0 numbers not affected by Year 2000 area code changes
  • full WWW control of 070x0 numbers
  • view faxes and playback voice messages with software freely available on the internet, or already on your PC/Mac
  • record your own voicemail message
  • program divert: set your 070x0 number to hunt for you on your mobile, at the office and at home

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